Irish wolfhound personality

irish wolfhound personality

The characteristics mentioned above relate to the typical Irish Wolfhound. Just like each human has a unique personality, so does your pet. You must remember. Irish Wolfhound information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Irish past experiences, training on how to get along with kids, and personality. Weight ‎: ‎ to pounds. The Irish wolfhound was originally a war dog, used to drag men out of chariots or off horseback, but was also used as a hunting hound and as a.

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Easy to train dogs are more adept at forming an association between a prompt such as the word "sit" , an action sitting , and a consequence getting a treat very quickly. Buying or Adopting an Irish Wolfhound. They should be discouraged from jumping and limit free running. Tara going over the six foot scale jump. They tend to greet everyone as a friend, so do not count on them being a watchdog, but may be a deterrent simply due to their size. irish wolfhound personality


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