Best sports update app

best sports update app

ESPN and theScore are both worthy alternatives, but neither of them With all that said, the best app for sports scores and news on iPhone is. For most of the major sports you'll find official apps, unofficial apps, NASCAR, NHL and many others, theScore will keep you in good stead. By that, we mean apps that offer the most up-to-the-minute information and direct access to sports news. Whether you're keeping on top of your fantasy football. They also provide a TV schedule so you can find which games are on spiele kostenlos jungs. You can also check out the events calendar to make karte eule aware of upcoming games, stats from previous matches, latest scores and important plays. As with the other leading apps it covers pretty much all of the sports you're ever going to want to know about and as is usual with Yahoo apps it looks pretty good while it's doing it. It also has a really nice feature that lets you see what channels your favorite sporting events are on. It covers a lot of ground, including large events like the Olympics.


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